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Dr. Robert Spotnitz

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About Robert Spotnitz

Robert Spotnitz leads Battery Design LLC, a company that provides consulting on battery design and simulation. He provides training on battery engineering at conferences and for other organizations. After starting Battery Design LLC in 1999, he led development of Battery Design Studio® a virtual environment for battery design and simulation which is now offered by SIEMENS. He participated in the start-up of three battery developers: American Lithium Energy Corporation, Enovix Corporation, and Adavolt.  Before Battery Design LLC, he was a Director at PolyStor where he led efforts to develop lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles. Earlier he worked at Celgard, where he started the Battery Applications Laboratory, and at W.R. Grace & Co. where he made several inventions, including the multi-layer battery separator that is widely used today. He received a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.